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ShipStation Partners

  • amazon-2_082c6de9457a486af9eb7b65bdeb3636


    Businesses of all sizes can sell products on Amazon – one of the fastest ways to start selling products online integrated perfectly with ShipStation.

  • shopify-updated-thumb


    We’re best buds with Shopify, so you get all the information you need to ship out your wares quickly & easily!

  • FedEx


    ShipStation is an official FedEx Compatible shipping software, which means you get your contract rates + all our other features!

  • ebay-2_dc3dd1e8d59f1d8864094538e4553140


    We’re the experts on shipping labels for eBay; automatic feedback is just the start of all our features!

  • Partner-Release-walmart_feature


    Over 80 million unique visitors shop on every month and many of them are looking for just the product you’re offering.

  • woocommerce_ce23ca6c8da289f54ff048977668c68d


    WooCommerce is a feature packed plugin that has become one of the most trusted plugins for the WordPress eCommerce platform.

  • usps-logo-300-150_d7cc693dd641e99ab46c684ebb6ace90


    We integrate with the top providers for your USPS shipping labels to save you money on USPS postage.

  • BC-New-thumbs


    BigCommerce and ShipStation are simple and feature-robust eCommerce platforms that allow you to start streamlining and growing your online store today.

  • squarespace-black-partner-page_13bc0874bc3b52c91de01962393ccb31


    Squarespace websites are easy-to-make and downright gorgeous. Add ShipStation to their full-featured commerce platform, and shipping is just as easy.

  • etsy-4_71e04c0215bdc777b729c90864090d4a


    We support both listing variations & tracking number submission with Etsy, so you never have to worry about your seller rating!

  • thumbs-quickbooks-01


    QuickBooks makes online accounting simple.

  • stitch-new-thumb

    Stitch Labs

    Stitch is an online inventory control solution that simplifies the operational challenges of growing a multichannel retail business.

  • magento-2_e5ce43361a5cc0077365889f9136951a


    Magento offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions designed to help you succeed online. Integrated with ShipStation to grow your business.

  • bigcartel-thumbs

    Big Cartel

    Big Cartel makes it easy for makers to open an online shop and make money doing what they love. Make it even easier with the ShipStation integration.

  • ups shipping labels


    ShipStation is a certified UPS Ready® application, which means you can do all your UPS shipping directly through our app.

  • square-thumb


    Square provides tools for every part of running a business, from accepting credit cards, to inventory, to selling online. Connect Square to ShipStation to sell and ship your online products more easily.

  • thumbs-purolator-01


    Easily ship, track and print return labels with one of Canada’s most extensive transportation networks.

  • stamps_34f36f6f437ec8d9fc061a304cfdca1b

    Shipping around the block or around the world, and ShipStation make USPS shipping a breeze.

  • thumbs-AusPost

    Australia Post

    ShipStation and Australia Post’s partnership offers businesses a simple shipping solution that seamlessly integrates to help them send their parcels anywhere in the world.

  • miva-partner-370-185


    Miva propels business for tens of thousands of online merchants and integrates with ShipStation to accelerate your business even more.

  • channeladvisor-2_fe549256517b9dace2c7599bc799435b


    ShipStation and ChannelAdvisor help you tame the complexity of the online retail space so you can grow your business.

  • volusion-2_3851a23f549d40f9c02995431d261765


    The ShipStation and Volusion partnership provides you with an easy and affordable way to sell your products online.

  • amazon-fulfillment_7cd4a2eee37bb60ebc6910254dfa68e5

    Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

    You sell it and FBA will ship it. ShipStation’s integration with Fulfillment by Amazon allows you to tap into one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world.

  • paypal-new-370-185_fbe5323a5f6a0f90b1352723a779633e


    PayPal is creating a better shopping experience. ShipStation is creating a better shipping experience.

  • Partner-Release-RR-Donnelley_feature

    RR Donnelley

    RR Donnelley’s integration with ShipStation will provide simplified access to cost savings and flexible services for all of your global shipping needs.
  • thumbs-UPS-UK-01

    UPS UK

    ShipStation is a certified UPS Ready® application, which means you can do all your UPS shipping directly through our app.

  • weebly_feature


    Weebly is a global platform that lets people easily create an online store.

  • Partner-Release-webgility_feature


    Webgility’s Unify for ShipStation saves you time and money on data entry, shipping operations, and multi-channel selling. Automate all bookkeeping, accounting, and shipping.

  • dhl-2_7d86a10153921d5ea2ccc98815de2869

    DHL Express

    Whether you’re shipping around the world or around the corner, the ShipStation and DHL Express partnership is one to trust.

  • canadapost-2_35cd2048f303aa6bf76131349d4af492

    Canada Post

    Canada Post serves Canadians with pride and passion and is fully integrated with ShipStation.

  • thumbs-UPS-Australia-01

    UPS Australia

    ShipStation is a certified UPS Ready® application, which means you can do all your UPS shipping directly through our app.

  • ecwid-thumbs-3


    Ecwid is a cloud commerce platform used by over 900,000 merchants globally that offers the easiest way to add an online store to any web presence.

  • thumbs-mozu


    Mozu’s cloud commerce platform simplifies enterprise commerce.  Our open platform integrates with Shipstation to seamlessly import, manage and ship your orders.

  • thumbs-mailchimp


    Use MailChimp to send, test, and track email campaigns, marketing automation, and transactional messages.

  • thumbs-Stripe

    Stripe Relay

    Stripe Relay is creating a better mobile shopping experience. ShipStation is creating a better shipping experience.

  • thumbs-zapier-01-01


    Automate ShipStation data to over 500+ different apps like email marketing, CRMs, and accounting platforms. Never worry about doing tedious, manual work again, and automate your entire workflow.

  • prestashop_84a19e8e43d4b93fb150b909a8fd2c29


    Fast, efficient, and easy to use like ShipStation, PrestaShop’s e-commerce solution provides what you need to have a successful online store.

  • ecomdash-thumbs


    Ecomdash is an inventory management software that makes multichannel selling easy.

  • sparkpay-thumbs-2

    Spark Pay

    Spark Pay, formerly AmeriCommerce, shopping cart software has everything you need to build and manage your online store.

  • linnworks-thumb


    The Linnworks and ShipStation integration allows your eCommerce business to ship and track orders seamlessly.  This optimizes your time management so your business can focus on growth.

  • upscanada-thumbs_0abee57978ea6d3814904fbc61b4191e

    UPS Canada

    ShipStation is a certified UPS Ready® application for UPS Canada, which means you can do all your UPS Canada shipping directly in our app.

  • sears_6c5e660e809d84010f35a78592faabba

    Sell on Sears

    With millions of customers every day, the Sell on Sears Marketplace, integrated with ShipStation, allows businesses of all sizes conveniently list their products for more exposure to eager buyers.

  • Partner-Release-newegg_feature

    Newegg Marketplace

    With an award-winning reputation that shoppers know and trust, Newegg Marketplace will help you reach a broad and motivated customer base.

  • cratejoy-thumb


    ShipStation and Cratejoy connect together to supercharge the logistics for your subscription commerce business.

  • dhl-thumb

    DHL Express Canada

    ShipStation and DHL Express Canada help online sellers ship (and rest) easy no matter where they sell or how they ship.

  • celery-thumbs


    Accepting pre-orders for your product? Integrate Celery with ShipStation to accept and fulfill these orders once they’re ready.

  • hatch-thumb


    Hatch is a home for for the best professional makers and independent designers making unique and original products. With the ShipStation integration, adding a premium sales channel to your business just got a whole lot easier!

  • opencart_cb70ecb02126c6a0f3d818fb8ac198fd


    Feature-rich and user-friendly, ShipStation is integrated with OpenCart to provide you with a minimal-cost way to get your business online.

  • yahoo-2_f2e9543f49c83e9e1d49978dfce6d0e4


    Much like ShipStation, Yahoo! Store is a simple yet extremely powerful tool you can use to launch and grow your online retail empire.

  • printful-thumb-updated-2


    Drop ship on-demand print products like t-shirts, posters, leggings, and more.

  • Partner-Release-sparkshipping_feature

    Spark Shipping

    Spark Shipping and ShipStation work together to route orders to 3rdparty vendors in any format such as API, Web Service, EDI, CSV, etc.

  • Partner-Release-corecommerce_feature


    Scale your mid-market business online with a hosted eCommerce site and leading, highly customizable back end functionality.

  • FedEx

    FedEx Canada

    ShipStation’s FedEx Canada integration give retailers shipping within and from Canada all the features they come to expect.

  • asendia-thumb

    Asendia USA

    Quickly integrate Asendia USA and ShipStation to gain access to significant discounts and trusted services for worldwide shipping.

  • apc-thumb


    Connect to APC through ShipStation for one-click access to cost-effective and simplified international shipping.

  • globegistics-thumb


    Create Globegistics labels to streamline your international fulfillment within ShipStation quickly and easily.

  • firstmile-thumb


    Save money on shipping domestic and international packages by connecting FirstMile to ShipStation.

  • imex-thumb

    IMEX Global Solutions

    IMEX provides one stop cost effective solutions to expedite the delivery of your parcels and mail worldwide.

  • ontrac-2_2cc6ef09f1eb59e9282e44a10b891640


    OnTrac is a regional shipping solution for ShipStation users in the Western and Northwestern US.

  • shipsurance-thumb_8a9314f926bef1796154c4743eaf9ce8


    Get all the benefits of discounted insurance through Shipsurance without the need for an account. Get started with ShipStation today!

  • Tanga-thumbs-2


    Tanga is an impulse buyers paradise. Feature your deals on the Tanga marketplace and let ShipStation help you ship your orders.

  • Access Worldwide Thumb

    Access Worldwide

    Access Worldwide lets you reach global buyers hassle-free with simple on-boarding and fast shipping, all at the lowest Total Cost of Delivery.

  • shipwire-black_6ca610b3d1abaa486984acdfadef2787


    When you fulfill your orders through Shipwire, ShipStation can help you organize and notify all your marketplaces so that you and your customers never miss a beat.

  • limelight-thumb

    Lime Light CRM

    More than just a CRM platform, we are one of today’s leading and most trusted providers of subscriptions payment processing and campaign management solutions.

  • wombat-thumb


    Automate your store in no time: Wombat is an ecommerce platform that quickly connects your storefront with all your favorite 3rd party services. 

  • newgistics-300-150


    The Newgistics network spans across the entire United States to give you the best rates and now you can use ShipStation to create your shipping labels!

  • opensky-thumb_9c836a199096ddc3f72595ceb6482131


    OpenSky marketplace integrates with ShipStation, so that merchants never have to sweat about fulfilling their orders using ShipStation’s easy-to-use shipping tool.

  • skuvault-thumb-2_de9a77524acf7886db11ed559b5f5e8e


    SkuVault helps you prevent out of stocks, improve your warehouse’s efficiency, and reduce human error.

  • bonanza-thumb_826f0c9249cd36d35651ba76b6d0f707


    Bonanza and ShipStation sync together to provide merchants with out of the ordinary shipping efficiency.

  • storeenvy_41999adf79aafb9cd890aea4667a38ac


    Storenvy is a store builder and marketplace in one. With the ShipStation integration, you’ll have a store and be shipping in minutes.

  • choxi-thumb


    Choxi, formerly NoMoreRack, helps you offer great deals on your products, while ShipStation helps you fulfill your Choxi orders quickly and easily.

  • connex-thumb

    Connex for Quickbooks

    Connex for QuickBooks Desktop enables you to sync your orders, customers, and products to ShipStation.

  • sellbrite-thumb


    Sellbrite removes the complexity of selling on multiple online channels, and helps you grow by expanding your online presence.

  • spreesy-thumb


    Spreesy provides tools for selling directly through social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Automate sales, invoicing & checkout with Spreesy.

  • reverb-thumb_79ec4c7c4e57954bc1db5c0e61e0094d


    ShipStation integrates with Reverb marketplace so that musicians can rock their shipping just as much as their sales.

  • tradegecko-thumb-2


    TradeGecko helps you manage your inventory online. Together with ShipStation, fulfilling orders to grow your business is a breeze.

  • rakuten-superlogistics-thumb

    Rakuten Super Logistics

    Check out the unique integration between Rakuten Super Logistics and ShipStation. Fulfill your orders through Super Logistics while ShipStation can help you manage and streamline the process.

  • soldsie-2_180e1b3e64d123557e28cfd5251f199b


    Someone comments “Sold!” on one of your products on your Facebook business page, and Soldsie handles everything else from invoicing to inventory.

  • zoey-thumb


    Zoey is a new way to create, launch and manage your Magento shop, at an affordable cost. It’s a powerful and easy to use eCommerce SaaS platform made for businesses looking to scale and grow.

  • dcl-thumb-2

    DCL Logistics

    DCL Logistics and ShipStation’s partnership takes the hassle out of fulfillment and makes shipping your product easier than ever.

  • groupongoods-thumb

    Groupon Goods

    Import Groupon Goods orders into ShipStation so that you can ship with speed and ease. What a deal!

  • zencart-3

    Zen Cart

    Zen Cart is a free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software designed to put you and your shoppers’ requirements first.

  • x-cart-2_65c72b86e6b3f5dd4a4c393ce1012885


    You can rely on X-Cart’s ecommerce platform along with ShipStation’s simplified shipping solution to help you create happy customers.

  • dhl-ecommerce-370x185

    DHL eCommerce

    The ShipStation and DHL eCommerce (formerly DHL Global Mail) integration is designed to offer consistent delivery performance to high volume mailers and shippers.

  • thumbs-freestyle-solutions-01

    Freestyle Solutions

    Together with ShipStation, Freestyle Solutions’ online inventory and order management solution automates the order fulfillment process and ensures inventory accuracy across all sales channels.

  • uship-thumb-2_10f90e93cb73c19b3205afac293c4c5a


    ShipStation partners with uShip to connect eCommerce sellers with competitive rates for LTL freight shipments.

  • thumbs-AbleCommerce


    AbleCommerce is an affordable and complete ecommerce solution for businesses that need an enterprise level customizable application.


  • ccc-thumb-2_1c41f1a68193dbe2dda4d65ba87bb20b

    Cloud Cart Connector

    Need to connect your ShipStation Account to Quickbooks? Check out our integration with Cloud Cart Connector.

  • BrightPearl-New-Thumb


    Brightpearl’s cloud-based commerce acceleration software pairs perfectly with ShipStation’s cloud-based shipping simplification software.

  • backerkit-updated-thumb


    BackerKit helps crowdfunders manager their backer data, and integrates with ShipStation to ship in a snap. Together, we’ve got your back!

  • 3dcart_8e0162734276d48d7e38cea7df9d3cfa


    Start selling online quickly and easily thanks to the integration of ShipStation and 3dcart.

  • suredone-thumb


    SureDone is a multi-channel listing platform that has been built by Sellers, for Sellers, to solve the problems today’s e-retailers face.

  • lemonstand-thumb-new_497e6285a6aa23cc72b1f9facb09c0d2


    A flexible, modern, easy to use, and high-performance eCommerce platform, LemonStand is the choice of many ShipStation users.

  • eleventh-avenue-thumb

    Eleventh Avenue

    Eleventh Avenue, provides sellers with a unique, boutique marketplace to sell your products, while ShipStation helps you get your orders out the door.

  • finaleinventory-thumb-NEW_5cacdf01fe8bbbe6370b2927d3fe7da2

    Finale Inventory

    Finale Inventory’s cloud-based inventory management system works perfectly with ShipStation to bring more ease to your fulfillment processes.

  • thumbs-FullScreen

    Fullscreen Direct

    Fullscreen Direct gives you the tools to create, promote and sell anything. Together with ShipStation, Fullscreen Direct’s powerful platform lets you easily grow your store.

  • goodsie_6da6489d9f23605b65db7b30e77e5d84


    Goodsie is a complete eCommerce solution that enables merchants to offer a high-quality e-commerce experience to their shoppers.

  • scout_4d100c97444b1f681f451a5f7faa4c10

    Scout topShelf

    Your days of dual entry, out-of-stock supply, and manual cycle counts are over with Scout topShelf.

  • ConnexforXero-thumbs

    Connex for Xero

    Connex for Xero automatically syncs order data between ShipStation and Xero.

  • cscart-thumbs-2


    Pay for CS-Cart once and have a robust eCommerce shopping cart solution for life. Add ShipStation to the mix to enhance and accelerate your shipping process.

  • rakuten_50774377b6c058a16206db8f6d1752a6

    Rakuten (

    The seller centric philosophy of the Rakuten Marketplace (formerly creates an environment to help your online business succeed.

  • lso-thumb


    LSO, the South’s premier regional carrier, offers a regional shipping solution for ShipStation users in Texas, Oklahoma, Western Louisiana, Southeastern New Mexico and points beyond.

  • kabbage-3_b9ffea4ad7ffd83fa64be5ca430876ca


    Growing a business is hard work, getting funding shouldn’t be. Kabbage is here to help.

  • shoppingcartelite-thumb

    Shopping Cart Elite

    Shopping Cart Elite is a Windows-based platform that provides you with the tools you need to manage and automate your online business, while ShipStation helps you streamline your fulfillment.

  • sophio-2_428b8ae765020d280dea47a2980e5389


    Sell parts online with Sophio and ship them with ShipStation! ShipStation completes order processing with ease.

  • dearsystems-thumb

    DEAR Inventory

    DEAR helps manage complex inventory requirements in the cloud. When integration to ShipStation, you have a powerful order management and fulfillment platform.

  • mijosho-thumb_d586ef0920639f098cafc996e9e8f2af


    MijoShop is an eCommerce shopping cart plugin for Joomla. By using MijoShop and ShipStation together, merchants can customize and streamline your fulfillment process.

  • UltraCart_e97b808d7c3179ef8e23424c4188e3c9


    UltraCart is a powerful and flexible online commerce system that integrates with your business systems including ShipStation.

  • jane

    Jane (formerly is one of the hottest deal sites online today. Connect your Jane account to ShipStation to easily ship out all your orders!

  • bizelo-2_a836eec2141aec22daeb1d3ce26b653c


    What ShipStation does for your shipping across multiple marketplaces and storefronts, Bizelo can do for your inventory.

  • selleractive_feature


    Combine SellerActive’s tools for inventory management and strategic repricing with ShipStation for fast, easy, and effective selling and shipping.

  • foxycart-thumb1_97d0d172a1d015c226d29e463c040521


    You can use the Order Desk web service to quickly and easily import all your FoxyCart’s hosted eCommerce platform orders into ShipStation.

  • thumbs-wish-01


    Wish is the leading mobile commerce platform in North America and Europe.

  • highwire


    Our integration with Highwire is all about keeping things simple and easy to you can spend less time on shipping processes.

  • vault-logo_ba5aef723b810170e038b63e4b804d8c


    VAULT is a storefront builder and marketplace platform in one.  With the ShipStation integration you can create a storefront and be shipping in minutes.

  • thumbs-parcel-technology-solutions-01

    Parcel Technology Solutions

    Parcel Technology Solutions is a consulting service comprised of a team of experts with 20+ years of experience in the parcel shipping industry.

  • api-and-custom-store_454619a4d9e0d16f11b3ffc0cfbef867

    Create your own Integration!

    Don’t see your platform listed above? If you’re a prospective partner or if you’re a retailer with your own developers, here’s how you can integrate with us!

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    Tired of copying & pasting addresses? Or waiting in line at the post office? Try our app today!